3 Great Features of Niagara Falls

Has it been awhile since you experienced genuine adventure? You may have gotten comfortable with your job and home life and forgotten to take the time to explore. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life and human nature depends on adventure. There are many fantastic experiences and places to see in the world. Start your journey off by visiting the national wonder that is Niagara Falls; it will be an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Here are a few reasons to make this your first destination.

Canadian-American Link
Niagara Falls beautifully straddles the border between Canada and America. Just as Iguazu Falls beautifully unites the nations of Argentina and Brazil by balancing on their border; America and Canada are united by this impressive natural wonder. Viewing the falls head on, you would see American Falls on the left, Bridal Veil Falls central left and Canadian Falls on the right. Many believe the Canadian falls are the most striking, due to their distinctive horseshoe shape and credited as being the most powerful waterfall in North America. However, the American falls are unique in their own way due to the large buildup of rock at the base. It is incredible to see two nations equally united in their wonder of the natural world and working to preserve it.

Boat Tours to the Base
There are very few places in the world you can witness the sheer power of water firsthand. Boat tours are led to the base of each of the falls, allowing tourists to experience the view up close. You will be soaked by the mist but it will be an experience you are unlikely to forget. Staring up at the impressive 167 foot waterfall is sure to give you pause. These falls are more powerful than others you could view due to the epic proportions of water passing over each hour. Your total boat experience allows you to view American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, the Great Gorge, as well as the popular Horseshoe Falls. Nightly tours include the view of the falls lit up after dark.

Largest Height and Water Flow Worldwide
There are many other waterfalls in the world that fall from greater heights than Niagara. For instance, Angel Falls in Venezuela falls a distance of 3,212 feet. However, the amount of water passing over Niagara is the greatest for the height. More than 6 million cubic feet of water pass over Niagara Falls during the peak daytime hours of June, July and August. Niagara Falls provides the largest drainage for Lake Erie, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States. The Niagara River feeds the runoff from Lake Erie directly into lake Ontario, providing the greatest elevation drop along its route at the Falls.


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