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4 reasons why you should get married in a (Greek) hotel

If you’re looking at the finger of your left arm and you see a shiny, ideally diamond, sparkling little (or bigger) rock, then you probably have already say yes to a wedding proposal from your prince charming, and you’ve started thinking and planning about your wedding ceremony. Where will it be? How will it be? Would it be a traditional one, or should it be an once in a lifetime experience, something you will cherish forever and it will mark your memory? If you’re leaning towards the last phrase-question, read below for more arguments in favor of a unique, sumptuous and unforgettable wedding within the premises of a luxurious hotel.



Ideal combination No.1


Most of us when we think about our upcoming wedding, we search for a super romantic place, with breathtaking views over the nature’s best display, meaning all kind of natural beauties, such as the view over a cliff when the sun sets, azure waters with the sun diving into them to snuff like a candle, sandy golden beaches heavenly decorated etc. If you think this through, nowadays hotels combine amazing venues with unique natural and, even cultural, surroundings of impeccable beauty and pure romance. Literally, some of them, such as the Santorinian Wedding & Honeymoon “temple” of Astarte Suites, porched and situated on the best possible locations, offer this ideal mix that you cannot ignore in any way.



Ideal combination No.2


Except for the combination of outstanding natural and “artificial” landscapes, another exceptional blending is that of having your wedding ceremony and reception at the hotel’s premises, and, depending on the island or the place you will choose, your honeymoon as well. Imagine that you can explore the deeply historical and gorgeous land of Crete, by arranging a wedding package along with your honeymoon at the luxury giant of Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, enjoying an amalgam of pure beauty, historical vibes and unutterable comfort.


Everything is catered for you


Letting alone combinations and mixtures, a very significant reason for choosing a hotel for your wedding (and maybe everything following it) is the notion of convenience. Yes, it was very important to me to have a whole group of professionals literally running for me and my complete satisfaction only. All wedding-hosting hotels have their own teams of experts, but you can always call the wedding specialists of Marry me who will even arrange all the paperwork needed! Just divine! It is the pure happiness of the wedding excluding anything that could bother you.



It is YOUR wedding


In the past decades, weddings were being arranged and the most joyful people at them were the parents and grandparents of the couple, because they were watching their loving children to get married the way they wanted. No, you should have a marriage the way you want it and you deserve that day. Clear your head and make your dream wedding come true!

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