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5 Amazing Locations around the World for Photographers

Most holiday-makers take hundreds of photographs while they are travelling, capturing images of the sights they have seen and the adventures they have had, collecting memories they can enjoy for years to come.  But some people chose their destination based solely on the desire to take photographs. There are many amazing destinations around the world for the avid photographer to visit. You can check out just some of them at . Here are just five that will take your breath away.


Gobi Desert, MongoliaMongolia is a little far flung but the effort is worth it. Mongolia offers some incredibly rich and diverse subjects to the photographer. It features the Gobi desert, dramatic gorges, snow-capped mountains and sparking lakes. You will find horse racing, camel trekking, Mongolian wrestling and even locals hunting with golden eagles. This land also offers up temples, ruins and abundant wildlife for the photographer. Mongolia is perfect for the adventurer; you can ride horses across vast plains and even camp out with nomadic families. Mongolia will give you unique mages of people living a simple existence that seems to belong to years long past.

Pantanal, Brazil

For the nature photographer Pantanal offers one of the most pristine environments on the planet. It features an immense freshwater wetland which fosters a diversity of flora and fauna. It truly is a natural wonder. It boasts hundreds of species of birds as well as thousands of different butterfly varieties. The flowers are also exquisite. Other exotic creatures to be found include toucans, anacondas, monkeys, macaws, jaguars and giant river otters. The area is relatively untouched. In the dry season, when thousands of birds congregate, it becomes truly magical.

Baja, Mexico

Baja offers the photographer over 1,200 kilometres of stunning coastlines, charming villages, as well as ancient cave paintings. Baja is full of colour and your lens will love it. You can hike and photograph amazing sherbet coloured canyons and hit the road to discover many incredible vistas. Along the coast you will find beautiful little bays with azure waters and soft pink cliffs. There are lush forests to capture on camera and plenty of animal life.

Namibia, Africa

This is desert country and it is a photographer’s dream. Situated between the Kalahari Desert and the South Atlantic Ocean, it features lonely, vast deserts as well as rugged mountains and wild coastlines. It contains four geographical regions, the Kalahari along its borders with Botswana and South Africa, the Namib Desert, The Central Plateau and the wooded bushlands of the Kavango and Caprivi areas. The landscapes are diverse and stunning.

New Guinea

While there is little in the way of tourist infrastructure in New Guinea, if offers the adventurous photographer the chance to film cultures largely untouched by civilisation, peoples who live off the land. New Guinea has great natural beauty and has many amazing animals, birds and frogs. New Guinea’s tribal cultures are truly fascinating, for instance in the Highlands you will find in the town of Tari, the traditional Huli wigmen.

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