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5 Reasons To Go Overseas For a Working Holiday

The best thing about going overseas on a working holiday is that you will see the places you visit through the eyes of a local, because you will be a local, during your stay. There are loads of different jobs for different occupations in many different countries of the world, and often there is a job for anyone, regardless of your education or skillset. Here are 5 reasons to go overseas for a working holiday.

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Immerse Yourself in Different Cultures

The opportunity to really immerse yourself in the culture of the place where you are visiting is something that you will definitely be able to do if you are living and working there. Going somewhere as a tourist that flies in for a week and then goes off somewhere else is vastly different to actually living in the place and doing as the locals do. You will also learn to speak the language of the country a lot easier while living there and speaking with the locals all the time.

You’ll Have a Base to Travel From

Another great thing about a working holiday is that on your days off you will have the chance to explore the areas around where you are visiting. A lot of countries outside of Australia share borders with other interesting countries and often travel in this way is a lot cheaper than if you jumped on a plane from Australia, headed for one of these countries as a destination on its own. If you are on a working holiday anywhere in Europe, or SEAsia, these are two places where the place is your oyster with regard to other countries in the vicinity!

Meet New People

Meeting new and interesting people and forming friendships for life is a big plus of doing the working holiday thing. Often wherever you go you will have the opportunity to work alongside other travellers who are doing the same thing, and you will be able to expand your friend base on a international level while learning from them about their travels and their home coutries.


You Can Leave Now

One of the major worries with planning an overseas trip is the diligently saving enough money to last you while you are over there. But if you decide to go for the working holiday idea you will not need to save up nearly as much cash because you will be earning while you are there, and usually lodgings are included quite cheaply.

Learn New Skills

The advantages of heading off on a working holiday are innumerable when you think in terms of how many new skills you will learn. If you have just finished high school and are deciding on a gap year before studying you might find that a working holiday is just the thing to help you have a better idea about what you want to be doing for your career. It may in fact change the way you feel about the plans you already have. Check out My Adventure Store for more travel ideas.

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