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5 Ways To Look For Art Around the World

Looking for art around the world can mean a few different things. It can mean that you’re traveling all around the world looking for art, or it could mean that you’re looking for art that’s been created in different parts of the world. In either case, if art is a part of your travel and tourism goals and function, there are a few different ways to be successful at this endeavor.


Keeping your eyes open is sort of the default for this kind of thing, but five other methods that require a bit of planning include looking for well-traveled dealers, going to local museums, finding art events, asking locals, and following social media trends with the right tags.


Look for Well-Traveled Dealers


It’s very unlikely that you are your own best art curator, so why not trust the advice and expertise of the moguls of the art world? These are people who have spent their lives and livelihoods becoming art dealers, and then they create a professional persona around that concept in order to share their knowledge, experience, and production values with the world.


Go To Local Museums


If you’re out and about on your tourist travels and looking for art mostly just to look at for historical or contemporary value, you can always look for local museums that have displays up. Depending on where they got the artwork from, there may even be opportunities to decide what types of art you’d like to purchase in the future based on the styles you see.


Find Art Events


Depending on what season you go to different places, there may be either large or small art events going on as well. Think of what kinds of cools artwork you’d run into during events like Mardi Gras, and then you can expand on that concept to consider what would be available in different places and at different major and minor artistic events all around the world.


Ask the Locals


When traveling to a new place, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of just going to the normal tourist places, and following guides, and only talking to people you already know. But if you want to get into more of the local culture and art that comes with it, you have to move out from that bubble and talk to people you meet on the street about other more hidden types of art available.


Find Social Media Trends


And finally, for a more modern approach to finding artwork, consider following social media trends that you can look up instantly. For example, you can look of the ‘art’ hashtag and then find which ones have local tags, and you get instant feedback on what’s going on!

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