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The Adriatic Sea Cruise, A Magical Experience Like No Other

The Adriatic Sea cruise is undoubtedly one of the most incredible tours for anyone looking for something extraordinary. I went on a cruise tour that took me to 4 countries with my voyage giving me a chance to enjoy a discovery of the wonders of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. The Greece’s Ionian Islands has a lot to offer in terms of historical and natural treasures and this coupled with the amazing beauties of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania definitely makes the voyage more exciting. The Adriatic cruise took me 8 days with each day allowing me to discover hidden coves, new ports, crystal blue waters, amazing ancient history and intriguing rich cultural diversity.

Adriatic Sea Travel Greece Travel Blog

My first destination was Korcula, Croatia with an early morning swimming stop near Korcula. An afternoon in Korcula port is an amazing moment to start a quiet excursion in Korcula town before heading to Lumbarda village for a special moment of wine tasting. With the sweet taste of wine fresh in the mouth, I embarked on an overnight excursion at sea to Budva, Montenegro which adds an exciting flavour to the whole experience as you watch the sparkling town lights reflecting in the sea waves.

The third day saw me arrive in the well-preserved town of Budva the architecture of which dates back to the middle age. My camera had to be ready for the best shots of my life and this happened even as I took the sightseeing tour to the Old Budva with a special visit to Cetinje, which is an imposing museum in the town. There is much to explore within Budva with its Venetian architecture and vast cultural heritage offering a magical experience to all. While one day might not be enough to explore everything, I had to proceed to Paxos, Greece overnight. Upon clearance at Corfu, I sailed for a swim at the nearby bay.

Adriatic Sea Travel Greece Travel Blog

The port of Paxos is unique and a stay overnight it always magical. From there, I journeyed to Corfu, commonly known as Ionian Islands’ Grand Lady. It is also the greenest island and one of the most beautiful in Greece. As a lover of history, this island offers some impressive historic sites under UNESCO World Heritage plus the imperial past is absolutely captivating.

The byzantine churches, rugged high hill villages and the lush Corfiot countryside make for a scenic tour that is truly memorable. From Corfu, I sailed to Saranda, Albania where I enjoyed one of the most striking waterfront located in the Albanian Riviera. Butrint’s archaeological site is also a great place to visit before sailing to bay of Kotor in Montenegro. This is the deepest natural creek in the Mediterranean where you can enjoy a refreshing swimming experience or take a trip to the medieval Old Town. I ended my Adriatic Sea Cruise with an excursion to Dubrovnik, Croatia.


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