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Macedonia, Greece is a region of historic and geologic sites. Macedonia was a former super power in the world during the ancient times; so much so, that its might reached all over Europe and parts of Asia. Macedonia’s history and culture came from the time of the Macedon who were ruled by the famed Alexander the Great. Several countries occupy portions of ancient Macedonia, with Greece having a larger portion.

Macedonia is one of the biggest tourist destinations in all of Greece. The region has rich cultural and historical backgrounds with ever impressive picturesque scenery. Macedonia offers a refreshing feeling with its scenic wonders, while still retaining an entertaining atmosphere. Go to Macedonia and its capital Thessaloniki and enjoy the goodness of the region. Want an even more impressive vacation experience? Ride a charter jet flight going in and around the region. It is a good and exhilarating way to travel and see the beauty that is Macedonia.

History & Sites

The historic and archaeological sites in Macedonia are full of character, from the rise of its famed civilization, to arts and architecture, and many more. The region first came to world dominance during the reign of Alexander the Great and his father Philip II, both making made the region powerful.

The sites in Vergina, Dion, Pella, and Philippi provide unique adventures and insights into the once proud civilization. The archaeological sites offer many interesting findings, such as an underwater temple with replica of the statue of Aphrodite, and temples and places used by Alexander the Great and the Roman generals Mark Antony and Octavius. It is a great site to visit.

Nature’s Gift

The region of Macedonia has been blessed with a bounty of nature’s grace. The 2,917 meters highly famed Mount Olympus, the supposed home of the gods in Greek mythology, is very impressive and stunning. The species found in the mountain are over 1,700 and some rare ones can only be found in the mountain range.

Trekking through the Mt. Olympus will be an exhilarating journey with breath taking places and sceneries providing best views for photo sharing activities. The villages and towns along the way provide comfortable stay accommodations. Being on camping site will also add to the exciting and thrilling experience.

The Culture

The culture of the region of Macedonia is a fusion of the majestic ancient world and the chic lifestyle of the modern world. Enjoy the culture through a series of stage performances in held in an authentic open air amphitheater, great for an entertaining evening affair.

The museums offer more insights to the city of Macedonia. You get to know the lifestyle of the people through the years up to today’s time frame. The cultural heritage of Macedonia is an intriguing, fascinating, and interesting world just waiting to be learned and appreciated.

Calm & Unforgettable Dining

The relaxing atmosphere of the region offers a more fitting way to enjoy the night sky. The perfect ambiance of the evening will give one a tantalizing appetite for Greek foods. Eating new foods in a new and romantic seating over the region is just awesome.

The foods like the Bougatsa, Tigania, and Trahanas are some of the delicious native cuisines that would entice anyone along with the appetizer Tirokafteri, a very savory dish to enjoy.

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