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Colour palettes for your wedding in Greece


Choosing the theme of a wedding is hard, but deciding the color palette that will go through everything for that day is even harder. The Dress, the suit, the flowers, the wedding cake, the decoration, even the venue’s location must be taken into account to make a sound decision.

First off, find the perfect spot for the wedding. The venue may give the theme of the wedding but also may indicate the colours that will make your wedding “pop”. In Greece, there can be thousands of places to say “I do” that are more beautiful than the next. But it’s probably a summer wedding on an island, isn’t it? First thing to do, if so, is call the experts at MarryMe. Tell them your dream wedding and they’ll provide you with all you need to plan it. But at the end it’s you that will have to decide on the colours for that day. So let’s break them down to categories:

greek wedding venues

The wedding in the Aegean: The unique complex of the Cycladic islands, highlighting the beauties of the Mediterranean, is probably the first location that pops into one’s head thinking about a wedding in Greece. Most of the Cyclades are famed for their white-washed houses with blue windows and doors, making the setting truly stand out. If you’re getting married in Santorini, like at Andronis Suites, you may think you’ll have to deal with so much white that the palette should be pastels, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The deep blue sea and the architectural palette of Oia and the Caldera require bold color choices. Bright white Dress and a deep royal blue suit will look perfect on your photo album, or maybe a light blue colour for the suit and some details on the dress. Go for a nautical theme in general with marine stripes for the table settings, or continue with other bold colours, like pumpkin orange, maroon red, mustard yellow and forest green. You’ll be surprised how much colour there actually is in Oia. The extra benefit of them is that they’ll look great even during sunset, when you most certainly want to take pictures.


The wedding in the Ionian Islands: The setting is completely different in the Ionian islands and the Mayor La Grotta Verde in Corfu is the perfect example. The golden coasts and magical sunset make this venue the choice of experts for a beach wedding, but what colours fit this setting? You’re playing with gold, azure, cyan, violet, and we’re mentioning just the colours of the sky. But that’s a good thing, cause nature dictates a palette that is heavenly for a wedding. Choose a warm coloured wedding Dress, like in matt beige, cream, pale coral, candy pink or even a “cloud” light light blue or a stunning gold if you want something cooler. A black suit is perfect to emphasise the colour of the Dress, but you can also go for dark teal or emerald, a purplish blue hue or a dark olive one. The setting and decoration should once again follow the natural palette of colours, but try to always be at least one or two tones paler than your dress, especially if you opt for a beige-cream one. Just pay attention: There is no natural white here, so there should be no on your decoration too. Not even flowers.

greek wedding venues

The Wedding in Crete: Crete is many times considered the birthplace of western civilization and visiting the biggest island of the Greek archipelago you’ll probably understand why. Nature withheld nothing on this blessed land. Trees, flowers, cliffs, seashores, animals, they all have a unique palette of colours that give Crete its character. At the Mirabello gulf overlooking Elounda Gulf Villas, your wedding colour palette is again determined by nature, only this time there are no limits! You may want to play with the olive tones that are abundant on the island. Maybe go for tones of white and blue, or be creative and wear a scarlet wedding dress that will be the talk of the year. Metallics can also be a thing in Crete, depending on your aesthetics, as do bold, flat colours, like blue, red, green etc. What we suggest though is to do for nice pastels, with bold, contrasting details. White flowers with many different coloured ribbons, and tables that have different colours on their settings. Experiment and find the perfect palette for your perfect day.  

greek wedding venues

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