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Compare and Contrast European and American Adventures

There are three common places to enjoy regardless of your particular vacation destination, and they are the water, the city, and the countryside. So it may be that you want to go to Europe because it’s Europe. Or you may want to go to Africa, because it’s Africa. But if you break down your desires a bit further, it might just be that you want to escape into one of those three environments, which means you may have more local options than you first considered. Talk it over with a travel agent while you’re planning your vacation and see what he or she has to say about the matter.

Enjoy the Water                       

Begin with the idea of being out on the water. How many ways can you enjoy the water? You could be cruising around the coastline of Greece. You could be riding a New York City ferry. You could be on a rocky beach somewhere in South America. Yes, the temperatures and the local cultures will be a bit different, but if you’re there simply to appreciate the ebb and flow of water, relax your restrictions a bit and give yourself some more flexible options. If your goal is action oriented, for example, just to relax, or perhaps just to be active in water sports, then consider that your focus rather than geographical location specifically.

Enjoy the Cityscape            

Cities can be very different in different countries. London is different than Los Angeles. Beijing is different than Mexico City. But the hustle and bustle, the people and things packed together, that’s what makes a city a city. So if your travel plans are to make it to one big city, perhaps consider that another would give you the same sense of excitement. Check out online guides of the world’s biggest cities to find out the nearest one to you, and think deeply about the possibility of heading there to get your kicks.

Enjoy the Countryside

Ah, the country. Have you been planning a trip to the European countryside, only to find out it’s prohibitively expensive? Well, what about a trip to the countryside closer to where you live? Find out if there are package deals to ranches in Texas. Find out if there’s a way you can explore parks or nature reserves nearby. This is another case where focusing on the locale rather than the point of the journey can actually get in your way. Plus, if you find a place that’s close, you can potentially go there more often than if you splurged on a gigantic trip that you could only go to once in your lifetime. It’s all about rational priorities at that point!

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