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London Champagne Bars: Not Just for Upmarket Clientele

amuse-boucheThe British are developing a taste for champagne. It used to be the case, among the less well off at least, that champagne was reserved for special occasions like weddings or Christmas, but more and more drinkers are now turning to a glass of champagne for that after work drink instead of wine, or are even having a glass with afternoon tea.

1. Amuse Bouche
Take a trip to Parsons Green and you’ll find Amuse Bouche, a great little champagne bar that also features the Claude’s Kitchen restaurant. Sophisticated and friendly with enough of a hint of glamour to do champagne justice, Amuse Bouche attracts the chic crowd but most of the bubbly is modestly priced and won’t set you back much more than a decent wine. It’s a great place to pop in for a glass if only for that ‘feel good’ sensation.

2. Bubbledogs

Opened just a year ago in Charlotte Street, Bubbledogs is a champagne bar founded on the unique concept of offering gourmet American-style hotdogs with grower champagnes. It seems to work because the small bar is extremely popular with those with a taste for the quirky. And it doesn’t cost the earth to give Bubbledogs a go – the hotdogs are all £7.50 or under and the champagne starts at £6.00 a glass, which doesn’t restrict the bar to the well heeled.

3. Boisdale

You’ll find a Boisdale in Belgravia, Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf. Sophisticated Boisdale is the place to go for the best cocktails in London and a fine selection of champagnes. The cheapest starts at £55.00 a bottle rising to £235.00 a bottle. But don’t worry about which you choose because you know that Boisdale only serve the best and, from the moment you walk in the door, you will be treated like royalty.

4. Textures

For a taste of some wonderful champagnes before dinner in Textures’ Scandinavian inspired restaurant or just a drink Textures in Portman Street has everything you could ask for in a London champagne bar. It has five champagnes available by the glass (between £10.00 and £15.00 each) and over a hundred by the bottle (with prices ranging from £59.00 to £1,000). An inviting atmosphere coupled with an excellent restaurant make Textures ideal for a great night out.

5. St. Pancras Champagne Bar

You wouldn’t expect to find a decent champagne bar in a railway station but St Pancras breaks the mould. Reputed to be the longest bar in Europe it has well over a hundred champagnes to choose from at prices ranging from average to out of this world. It’s a great way to wait for a train or just to stop of for a glass of your favourite champagne.

You don’t have to get dressed up or pay a fortune to enjoy champagne in these London champagne bars – the champagne will make you feel like a million dollars – but doesn’t the champagne deserve a little respect?

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