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Saving Money for a Round the World Trip

Taking some time out to travel the world could be the best thing you ever do. But funding such a trip can be hard. Saving money for multi stop flights takes time and requires a steely conviction and clarity of vision to avoid falling short of your goals. These quick tips will not only make travelling the world a realistic goal, but will help you achieve equally awe-inspiring goals in the future.

The First Trick

Achieving goals such as travelling the world, becoming a millionaire or conquering Everest depends on your ability to ‘trick’ yourself into organising your life, your priorities and your values differently. It takes little more than a firm conviction, a clear idea of what to do with that conviction, and a willingness to give it a go.

This starts with a plan. Take a moment now to stop berating yourself for not living your globetrotting dream and turn that voice into an ally. Let it dictate a plan, and let its venom become your conviction. The first trick is simply to direct your desire.

The First Technique

Once you’ve come up with a concrete intention to travel and grounded the intention in a reasonable plan, it’s time to start making small changes that will eventually mount up to that big dream.

Your plan should include:

  • Where you want to travel
  • How long you want to travel
  • How much you are willing to spend per day
  • How long it will take you to save that figure

A great thing to do after working out how much you want to save is to open a separate bank account. In order to save it’s wise to set up a direct debit from your current account into this new savings account, and call the direct debit ‘travel’. Every time you’re tempted to spend, ‘travel’ will be there to remind you to save.

The Second Trick

Habit is the midwife of any plan. Even if you do trip up and spend a little too much, keeping a clear intention will ensure that every little step in the right direction becomes a habit that will eventually take on its own momentum. Right now, you are not who you think you are. Who you think you are is determined by habits that you can change.

The Second Technique

Keep a careful record of all your money-spending habits, and prepare yourself to realise how many of those ‘one-offs’ are actually awkward habits. This will show you how unnecessary some things are, and how much power you have to make changes.

Turning Pastimes Into Profit

The final trick is to turn a scrupulous eye on the life you live and work out how to monetise it. Your hobbies, passions, interests and collections all contain the seeds of profitable enterprise. Instead of selling your things on Amazon Marketplace, host a World Travel Auction with your friends. Instead of painting that masterpiece, paint greetings cards and sell them at a market.

The smartest way to travel is to earn money while you do so. Whether you rent out a property, turn your experience into consulting, or explore web design or other freelance pursuits, consider ways of monetizing what you already have.

If you stay disciplined and keep your eyes on the prize, you can avoid the daily temptations which derail your efforts, and make that dream trip a reality.

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