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Skiing Safety Tips to Remember When You Hit the Slopes

Skiing is a lot of fun, but there are also a few dangers involved. You want to have a fun time on your skiing adventure, rather than coming back with an injury or getting lost in the forest. Safety on the slopes should be a necessity for every skier and snowboarder, whether it is your first time or whether you have been many times before.

Wearing the Right Gear

Having the right skiing equipment is the first step to ensuring that you will be safe on your trip. Consider investing in a good quality ski helmet, as this will help to prevent head and spinal injuries if you happen to fall. Also, make sure that you have decent bindings, so that your ski boots will automatically release from your skis if you take a tumble.

Other gear and accessories are important as well. Having warm and well insulated gloves will protect your hands from frostbite and a pair of goggles will shield your eyes from the sun, wind and blowing snow. It is best to invest in high quality equipment that is custom-fitted to you – but if you only ski less than 10 days per year you might want to rent your equipment.

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Tell Someone Where You Are

It is always good practice to tell someone where you are headed for the day and when you expect to return. You never know when you might get confused and turned around on the ski hill and find yourself unable to find your way back to the ski lodge. This can be a dangerous situation, especially in low temperatures, so letting someone know where you are means that they will notice when you have not returned and will know where to start looking for you.

Check the Weather

It is also very important to check the weather before you head out on a skiing trip. If the weather takes a turn for the worst while you are up on the top of a hill, you could find yourself trapped in a dangerous storm that could impede your vision and make it difficult to find your way back to the ski lodge. Weather warnings will usually be announced by the ski lodge, or you could check the warnings online.

Other Skiing Safety Tips

Here are a few more very important tips that you should keep in mind when you are going skiing:

·         Start training and getting in shape in advance of your trip, so that your muscles are toned and you are less likely to strain yourself and get hurt.

·         Always stretch before heading up on the mountain, to keep your limbs supple and flexible.

·         If you have no skiing experience, get proper instruction before you start. This will help you learn the proper stance, as well as how to fall without hurting yourself.

·         Don’t be afraid to take a break during the day if you are tired. You are more at risk of injury if you carry on skiing while you are exhausted.

·         It is always much safer to ski in a group of at least two people, so that you can watch out for each other. You can choose a meeting place in case you get separated and you could also considering bringing walkie-talkies to stay in touch with each other.

·         Don’t try to attempt a ski slope that you know is far beyond your level. Respect your limits and stay in control of your skis.

·         Always follow the rules and the trail markings – they are there for a reason. It might seem fun and adventurous to go off-trail, but you could face dangerous terrain or a large obstacle and really hurt yourself.

·         Being dehydrated can lead to fatigue, so make sure that you have plenty of water and keep drinking it throughout the day.

·         Follow the guidelines of skiing etiquette and provide right of way for other skiers. When overtaking another skier, make sure that you offer enough space for the movements of the other person.

These are just a few important tips that you should keep in mind so that you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable skiing trip.


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