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Escape the Winter Weather and Stay Fit With a New Breed of Luxury Winter Holiday

When it comes to our annual holiday, more and more people are looking for something other than two weeks half board in a hotel by the beach. As a result the popularity of activity holidays has risen dramatically in recent years. Painting, cooking and walking holidays to far flung destinations have always been fashionable, but now there’s a new breed of luxury holiday, the luxury fitness holiday. From extreme boot camps to five star fitness retreats you can have it all, so with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of them.


Group Fitness Retreats


Group fitness retreats can be found in some of the most stunning locations, usually far from the maddening crowds. They allow you to benefit and focus on your own personal wellbeing through a combination of fitness, spa treatments and healthy eating. Days are normally scheduled and there are usually different levels of fitness to suit you. Whether this is a kick-boxing session, a daily beach workout or a more gentile Ashtang yoga session, there’s normally something for everyone. The idea is that you leave feeling rejuvenated and re-energised.


Extreme Fitness Bootcamps


For those who really like to push themselves, then an extreme fitness boot camp may be the answer. Itineraries often include morning gym warm-ups and yoga sessions, followed by beach side runs. A healthy nutritious meal breaks the day then afternoons are filled with team exercises and circuit training. Fitness bootcamps can be found as far afield as the Caribbean, Asia and Europe and are a great way to escape the winter drudgery of the UK whilst getting in shape like you never have before. As with all luxury winter fitness holidays it always pays to take plenty of good quality fitness clothing from somewhere like Regatta that will last the duration.


Spa and Sport


Spa and sport retreats are great for those that want to take themselves to the next sporting level. Whether it’s running, tennis, swimming, or even a triathlon, luxury resorts throughout Asia, the Caribbean and Europe combine top quality spas with first class coaching to ensure you reach your sporting goals by working on your technique and your mindset.


If you want a holiday with a difference and would love to come back feeling far healthier and completely rejuvenated then just maybe a winter fitness holiday is right up your street.



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