The Reality of Planning Your 10 Day Tour of Europe

Did you know that Europe is the world’s second smallest continent? Obviously this isn’t true by population, but in terms of surface area, Europe only covers 2% of the earth’s entire surface.


Europe’s land mass is comparably small next to continents like Africa, but it contains over 50 different countries and houses about 11% of the world’s entire population.


While Europe is small in size and large in population density, there is no shortage of sites to see across the region. It’s these wonderful sites that have drawn crowds for centuries, and the charm and dense history of Europe continues to inspire and amaze.


We’ll talk about the places you can’t miss while in Europe, but first, you need to address the essentials.


Think Logically First, Then Go Wild


What is tricky about touring Europe is choosing where to go and how much time to spend in those places. Every country has amazing things to offer and it’s really up to you to decide what countries have a “must visit” agenda.


You will want to plan your trip in stages or groupings. What this means is that you probably shouldn’t have Russia on your list for a 10 day tour of Europe if you really want to see the United Kingdom. You should really choose a grouping of countries and spend your time there instead of all of your time on planes, trains and automobiles.


Start With the Western Hemisphere


This is going to included countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, and maybe even Germany and Italy. Frankly, the most visited places in Europe reside in these countries so this might be your best bet. You can easily hop from one country to the next and make a loop when the countries are so close to one another.


For the United Kingdom you have beautiful countryside and big cities, as well as wonderful intellectual landmarks. You have options to visit Cambridge University, The West End Theatre district in London, or the city of York or Edinburgh. You don’t want to miss Stonehenge and you might as well spend a week alone in London.


The truth of the matter is that 10 days isn’t enough to really take in Europe so you should probably plan several trips or spend a couple months on the road.


Plan in a Circle

Everyone chooses to visit Rome, Paris, London and Amsterdam but you should also consider places like Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Dublin, or Madrid. The most important aspect of your 10 day tour of Europe is making sure you use your time as efficiently as possible. Plan ahead, scope out the places you absolutely must go, and work in a circle to avoid backtracking.


Once you have completed your tour of Europe, or have at least gotten a nice taste of it, you’ll probably be up for something relaxing and tropical. It will probably take you a while to see all you want to see, so be patient and remember that travel is probably the best way you can be spending your money. The culture and sites just go unparalleled.

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