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Three Best Vacation Destinations For 2016

Whether you plan to spend some time road tripping in the United States, or you want to fly off to someplace fun and romantic for your vacation, there are a few places you really should visit in 2016 if you’re looking for a great vacation destination. They offer nature, culture, shopping, and a ton of beauty.


Vacation time should be fun, so you want to pick places where there is something definite you can schedule to do on your days. Maybe you want to explore ancient ruins, or maybe you just want to stroll through museums. Maybe you want to find a great shopping destination and spend your time carrying around bags full of awesome findings.


It’s a good time now to start planning your vacation, even if you plan to go at the end of summer or beginning of autumn. You can ensure that you get the room you want and can plan the itinerary you want as well. This could be the vacation of your dreams.




There are so many reasons to visit Ireland, from the lush land to the amazing castles, it is a place of whimsy and history. There is so much history and culture in Ireland that you will never lack having things to do if you vacation there.


Check out the pubs, enjoy some authentic Irish food and whiskey. You can even plan your vacation around one of their festivals for some extra fun and enjoyment.


San Diego


If you want a warm U.S. vacation, San Diego may be the place for you. You can stay at one of their award winning resorts and enjoy the pools and ambiance. You can visit the ocean and check out museums, and do a myriad of other fun things.


While you are visiting San Diego, sunning and shopping, make sure you visit the San Diego Zoo, whether you are there on a romantic vacation or you’ve taken the kids with you.


New Zealand


New Zealand is full of gorgeous views, which could be part of the reason why the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy was shot here. This amazing place, with breathtaking views, makes a great vacation destination if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.


You will find gorgeous beaches and more, all untouched by the pollution you find at so many other beaches. It is a place to go and relax, and enjoy nature and some amazing wildlife.


There are so many great places where you can go on a family vacation or even a romantic one, but these three offer something special where you should consider visiting this coming year. Enjoy the nature, enjoy the shopping, and have a fun time.

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