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Tips For Keeping Your Skin Healthy While Traveling


Traveling is something enjoyed by many people, but it’s a well known fact that a lot of time on the road, in the air, or in foreign environments can have a big effect on the body. Dry air, lack of hydration, and hours sitting down can really wreck havoc on a person in a lot of different aspects.


One particular aspect of the body that travel is not usually kind to is your skin. Skin is a difficult thing to keep healthy in normal situations, let alone when you’re out traveling the world. Trying to pack all of your products into your checked bag so that anything over 3 ounces doesn’t get chucked into the trash means you won’t have any moisturizers to save the day while you’re in flight.


Here are some tips for keeping your skin nice and healthy while you’re traveling.


Drink Lots of Water


You might think that this is a hassle when flying. Nobody wants to be running to the bathroom every hour, especially when you have to jump over people and use such small facilities. However, you still need to be drinking a lot of water. Dehydration causes your skin to lose life and plumpness. If you don’t drink enough you’ll feel tired, sick, and your skin will be even drier due to the harsh conditions travel places on your body and skin.


Eat Nutrient Rich Food


Eating well is going to be another thing that will seriously aid you in keeping your skin healthy while traveling. It’s hard to eat well while on the road, but do everything in your power to do so. Not only will your body feel better because you’re getting all the vitamins you need, but your skin will also reap the benefits of those nutrients.


Most airports will have a station where you can get smoothies or other things like fruits and vegetables. When you’re in town, choose carefully. Remember, the brighter food is, the more vitamins it has-so eat the rainbow!


Use Lotion Before, During, and After Your Flight


Another trick to keeping healthy skin while in motion is to butter up before you leave, during flight, and once you arrive. The night before you leave be sure to do a full skincare regimen. This includes a pre-scrub, a cleanser, and the right moisturizer. While in flight, use a facial oil to keep moisture from leaving your body via osmosis. Once you land, you’ll want to wash your face and apply more moisturizer.


These are ways you can keep your skin looking fresh in the stressful environment that traveling puts off. If you do these things, you won’t have to worry about having skin problems that are sure to ruin your otherwise wonderful trip.

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