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Top Four European Travel Destinations

If you and your family are looking for a life-changing memorable vacation spot, Europe may just be the place for you!  Vacationing in Europe offers you and your family a chance to indulge in culture, art, and fine cuisine. Here are the top four destinations you might want to explore, along with a brief overview of a few of their alluring qualities.


Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is a destination that will flood your family’s lives with culture. This is not a beach traveler’s spot. The architecture of castles and Czech taverns will have you feeling like you’ve travelled through time. The Old Town Square, Town Hall, and the Astronomical Clock are only a few of the places you may want to visit while in Prague. Not to mention, the nightlife and historic pubs of Prague will be sure to fulfill your taste for excitement.


Bordeaux, France


The city of Bordeaux, France will immerse you and your family in French culture, lifestyle, and most of all wine. The city is nestled right in the center of a region known for its exquisite wine vineyards. One of the most elegant cities you will ever experience and some of the most dynamic cuisine will keep you enthralled for days. Bordeaux is also host to one of the world’s most lively ports and is only forty fives minutes journey to many breathtaking beaches. Spend your whole vacation here, or just cruise on in for a visit. Either way, you will find that you are satisfied and enriched.

London, United Kingdom


London is one of the most well-known tourist locations in all of Europe, and rightfully so. Here you will see the Tower of London and the Tate Modern. You can still find Shakespeare’s work being embodied by folks in modern dress, sipping the finest of teas. You will also be pleased to know that there are still plenty of American comforts as well. Also, don’t miss the crown jewels and Buckingham Palace where royalty resides.


Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon is a beautiful illuminated city in Portugal. There’s almost always sunshine here, and the city’s unique architecture and color scheme radiate in a beautiful array of color. There’s plenty of shopping and pubs to fill your days and keep your partying through until dawn. If relaxation is what you seek, Lisbon offers plenty of parks, gardens, and cafes to sooth the soul and tummy all at once. There are also several substantial museums to visit in the city, and a beautifully designed Opera House for enjoying the finer things in art and life. Overall, Lisbon is a mecca for culture, color, and fine architecture. It’s a place you and your family don’t want to miss.

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