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Travel around the best of Greece


It’s this time of the year again: time to decide where to go this Summer. Will you be lounging on a cruise ship? Escaping large predators on a safari in Africa? Visiting an all-inclusive Caribbean resort? Go skiing on snowy slopes of Canada? Most people associate summer with the ocean and sunny beaches, exploring a place on their bucket-list and visiting something exotic. This is why places like Greece receive the attention of millions as a summer destination.


The countless islands of the country offer exciting experiences, breathtaking scenery and serene environments, ideal to explore, relax in and feel unique again. There are literally hundreds of options of where to go and what to do in Greece. However most people seem to be interested in visiting Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Corfu: four completely different, but characteristic islands of the country; there you will find some of the best hotels and resorts to relax, have fun and explore at your own pace.

Mykonos is often known as the posh party island of Greece, some people may even think it’s an island run on luxury and cash, but there is so much more to it. It is taken as a granted that one would splurge on Mykonos, and how shouldn’t it? Book an exclusive luxurious villa, that will give you privacy, bespoke services and make you the talk of the town, regarding your haute accommodation. Visit the many beaches, book your sunbeds near the pool of the most glamorous bars and make sure you’re seen, while avoiding to be seen. That’s what everyone, who’s someone does. Mykonos allows you to live the dream life as taken by the covers of the most popular magazines.

After all this partying maybe it’s time for something more romantic, a chance to come closer with your other half, or with the person you’re at the moment with. Santorini is the perfect destination to bring back some lost romance or take your relationship to the next level. It’s the go-to destinations for proposals, marriages and vows renewal. The breathtaking Caldera and unique sunset setting alure a feeling of eternity and awe; what a better surrounding for spending some time with the one you love? Book one of the lavish exclusive villas or suites that are build on the rim of the caldera, for privacy and undisturbed views to the notorious and magical sunset.


If you’re looking for a more authentic take on Greece, where people still live from their land and sea, where they greet you by your name and ask you in with true concern how was your day. Take a trip to Crete, birthplace of Western civilization, healthy mediterranean diet and famous renaissance painter El Greco. Discover quiet foot-trails, gold-sanded covens, mouth-watering tastes and awe-inspiring ancient palaces within minutes from one of the most luxurious villa complexes in Greece. Enjoy the benefits of a five star hotel with the warm hospitality of a family-run establishment, where you’ll be treated as royalty.

For a complete change of scenery, head to Corfu, a beautiful island with Venetian charm and amazing beaches. Dive into its crystal clear azure waters, that make swimmers and boats seem like they’re floating on air. Laze on endless white beaches, under the shade of conifer trees, reading your favourite novel. Take a walk in a preserved and still inhabited medieval citadel or go sightseeing crawling to learn more about the history of Corfu, Greece and Europe. Stay somewhere close to the town, but not too close, as you should have some peace and quiet; If you’re not traveling alone, maybe a luxurious adults only resort by the sea would prove the ideal accommodation to round up your travels around the best of Greece.


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