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Why your should travel by car…


One of the most popular ways to travel these days is slow and leisurely. People prefer to relax and take in the sights rather than rushing from one destination to the other. But one of the biggest challenges of this mode of travel is restrictions on bus and rain timetables, and working to other people’s schedules.  So, what is the solution? Car rentals! This was once a method of travel that was shrugged off as people thought it took too long, but it is the perfect method for family travel, especially with great car rental on Here are a few reasons for car travel through Europe…


There is no beginning or end to the reasons why travelling by car is more comfortable than all other forms of travel. There is no risk of being stuck net to that person who smells less than pleasant on a long us ride, the little old lady whose petrified of flying and insists she holds your hand, or getting stuck at the seat by the door of the train and blasted with rain at every stop. Car travel is unlimited I comfort as you can create the perfect climate inside, and you are not reliant on those awkward travel pillows to ease backache. With so much choice on the market, you can choose exactly the type of car you want to drive. A large one for the whole family to share, or a little two seater if that’s all you need. From the important things like petrol or diesel, to the silly things like driving that ream red convertible down a highway like you always imagined.


There is no loading and unloading heavy luggage when you have a car to travel with. The risks of having your favourite items lost on a flight are non-existent when they are safely in the boot of the car. Pack as much as you want and never worry about stocking up on souvenirs for loved ones at home. Without weight and size restrictions there is no limit to what you can bring with you and what you can acquire along the way. Literally, everything you can possibly need on your holiday can be packed away in your car! There is no waiting around carrousels for luggage, or having to carry bulky items between train stations and airports.


Most of us find that our travel is hindered and restricted by schedules. Of course, any trip requires a little bit of planning, but how often have you been prevented from doing something because of timetables? Have you ever had to leave too early in the morning or check out before you are ready to make that all important bus? With your own car, time becomes your own. You are free to do what you want, when you want, without the imposition of restrictive timetables. There is no need to spend an extra day somewhere because you missed a connection, and if you love a place, you are free to stay longer.


Whether you like to travel alone or with company, a car offers you the freedom to choose unlike any other mode of transport. You can carefully select your friends or family to share the journey with, and if you meet someone along the way, it is easy to merge your travel plans together! This is a great way to see the world. Many of us enjoy making friends on holiday and sharing the journey will enhance any holiday bonds you happen to form. Having the ability to choose your travel companions also means there is no fear of being stuck travelling with people you do not like.

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