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Weddings in Greece

Already had enough with all those wedding pictures from Santorini and Athens? Newlyweds cutting their cake while the sun sets behind the Acropolis? Beautiful for sure, but what makes it special if everybody is doing it? For your special day, aim instead for something unique and unexpected! Contact Marryme and ask for an amazing wedding that is so much more than a tourist’s dream!


Instead of wedding by the Acropolis, which is practically the same for millennia, have your stag and hen parties in Athens, as well as your rehearsal dinner! Enjoy the notorious nightlife of Athens, with all your friends and also go sightseeing to Western Civilization’s birthplace! Stay at Civitel Olympic, just across the Greek capital’s most awarded shopping mall, famous for its exclusive boutiques with the latest creations of fashion gurus; A short taxi ride from posh Kifissia, or just minutes away from Syntagma square, the buzzing center of Athens. Go bar-hopping, cocktail-drinking and fun-having with the locals, at Agias Eirinis sq., Gkazi area and get a taste of the best Greek cuisine in Kifissia. Don’t forget to act like the locals and go to a big live-singing stage Greeks call “Mpouzoukia” where if you’ll say you’re about to get married, they’ll treat you like royalty.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Then for the actual ceremony go to the Greek favourite place, Chania. The airplane or speed ferry ride will help you with the possible hangover of the previous nights (If you’re okay, you probably missed something) and arrange all the final details for the big day! The small city at the western part of Crete is a top local destination for its beautiful picturesque port and old town, where, by the sea you can say “I do” and mean it with all your heart! Stay for the honeymoon at Akali Hotel, where you can also do your reception party. The hotel is at the middle of the Chania, with a beautiful garden and a swimming pool, to help you unwind after all the wedding stress, before heading off to explore the island of Crete!

blue church trulo santorini

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