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Where to cruise around Greece

The small country of Greece is too beautiful to explore it all only in one holiday, so travelers who’d love to get as much as they can from their visit in Greece, should go on a cruise around some of the country’s landmarks.

panoramic MykonosWhat’s more, if you are a beach lover yourself, then you’ll definitely enjoy a cruise to the Cycladic Santorini and Mykonos, large Crete and the rugged shores of Peloponnese. The only thing you have to do is opt for a reliable cruise agency, such as Variety Cruises, which guarantees high-standard services for a cruise to remember!

Start your trip from popular Mykonos boasting stunning fine sand beaches and some star-studded ones, such as Psarou, for a cosmopolitan experience. Take a walk through the cobbled alleys of Mykonos Town, do your fancy shopping on Matogianni street and capture your moments in front of the iconic windmills of Mykonos or with little Venice at the back.

Next stop, the volcanic island of Santorini where you’ll get the chance to admire the unique lunar-landscaped beaches, such as Red Beach, Vlychada or black sand Perivolos and Perissa. However, apart from the beaches and the sea, Santorini offers a magical sunset, which you shouldn’t miss, especially if you travel with your significant other. History buffs can also visit the archaeological sites of Akrotiri settlement and the ruins of ancient Thira.

blue church trulo santorini

Continue a little further to multifaceted Crete island located in the most southern end of Greece. Here, you’ll find tropical beaches, pebbled coves, crowded seafront resorts, a wealth of historical places, such as the palaces of Knossos and Phestos, and of course lots of traditional tavernas to delight your palate with the mouthwatering local dishes.

Less famous, yet equal in beauty the area of Peloponnese is also worth a visit during your cruise around Greece. Important monuments, quaint towns, imposing castles and last but not least pristine surroundings with idyllic beaches, lush green forests, rivers and caves create the perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday!


For active holidaymakers who need something more than a simple beach holiday, a cruise around the majestic Greek shores is a must!

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